Emotion and Motivation

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Moritz Dechamps

Moritz Dechamps, M.Sc.


Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Leopoldstraße 13
D-80802 München

Room: 3218
Phone: +49 89 2180 5217

Further Information


„Vertiefung in Allgemeine Psychologie II“

„Vertiefung in Sozialpsychologie: Aggression und Antisoziales Verhalten“

„Emotions- und lernpsychologische Grundlagen klinisch-psychologischer Störungsbilder“

„Empirisch-psychologisches Praktikum“


„Soziale Kompetenzen“


Research Interests



Curriculum Vitae

Since 2015

PhD student, Motivation and Emotion (Allgemeine Psychologie II), LMU Munich


M. Sc. Clinical Psychology and Cognitive Neurosciences, LMU Munich

Thesis: A glimpse into the future: Retro-causal influence on avoidance behavior in a quantum mechanical model of consciousness


B. Sc. Psychology, LMU Munich

Thesis: An examination of the use of frontal lobe deficits and anger as possible violence risk markers in mentally disordered offenders



Maier, M. A., Dechamps, M. C., & Pflitsch, M. (2018). Intentional Observer Effects on Quantum Randomness: A Bayesian Analysis Reveals Evidence Against Micro-Psychokinesis. Frontiers in Psychology, 9. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2018.00379 [Article] [Open Data]

Maier, M. A.*, & Dechamps, M. C.* (2018). Observer effects on quantum randomness: Testing Micro-psychokinetic effects of smokers on addiction-related stimuli. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 32(2). doi:10.31275/2018.1250 *Contributed equally [Article] [Open Data]


Dechamps (2018). Observer Effects on Quantum Randomness - On the Oscillatory Nature of Micro-psychokinetic Effects. Presentation on the 2018 SSE & IRVA Joint Conference, Las Vegas, USA. [Presentation]