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Foko talk by Peter van der Helm (Univ. of Leuven)

The cognitive architecture of perceptual organization

10.05.2017 at 18:00 

Room 3232, Leopoldstr. 13.


Cognitive architecture is a concept from artificial intelligence research, which, the past five years, I have used in my theoretical work on human vision in cognitive neuroscience. In my talk about this work, I first address metatheoretical issues shared by both research domains. Then, I give the gist of the extraordinary form of distributed processing called transparallel processing, by which an exponential number of items can be processed simultaneously as if only one item were concerned. This is somewhat technical but also crucial to the subsequently discussed model of perception and attention in the visual hierarchy in the brain, in which it is associated with gamma synchronization in transient horizontal neural assemblies. Then, I discuss implications of this model regarding the speed of perceptual organization and regarding atypical perception in autism spectrum disorders, and I contrast it to Fristons (2009, 2010) free-energy predictive coding model. I end with several questions for future research.