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FOKO talk by Prof. Dr. Frank Bremmer

Vision across Eye movements


Time: 18:00

Room: 3232, Leopoldstr. 13, 80802, München

Eye movements challenge visual processing. While the image of external objects moves across the

retina during such movements, we perceive the outer world as being stable. Yet, it appears, that this perceptual stability is not complete. A number of studies have shown that visual perception in the temporal vicinity of eye movements is not veridical. In my talk I will present data from neurophysiological studies in awake behaving monkeys aimed at identifying the neural correlate of changes of visual perception during fast-ballistic eye movements, called saccades, and during smooth pursuit eye movements. In addition, I will briefly illustrate ideas on how to use eye-movements in natural environments as biomarkers for neurological or psychiatric diseases.

Frank Bremmer is head of the Department of Neurophysics at the University of Marburg and member of the Center for Mind, Brain and Behavior - CMBB at the Universities of Marburg and Giessen. For more information please check his website at: