General and experimental psychology

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Lunch Seminar

Wed. 12:00-14:00, room 3232 (Leopoldstr. 13)

17.04.2015 – 08.08.2016

22/04/2015 Chairmeeting
06/05/2015 Luke Tudge (HU Berline) Processing of salience in the oculomotor system
13/05/2015 Internal meeting
20/05/2015 Internal meeting
03/06/2015 Florian Ilgen Keynote: Astonishing mysteries of the unconscious mind - a live demonstration
10/06/2015 Tobias Heed (U. Hamburg) From coordinate transformation to spatial integration in sensorimotor processing
17/06/2015 stud. Präsentationen
24/06/2015 stud. Präsentationen
17/06/2015 stud. Präsentationen
01/07/2015 stud. Präsentationen
08/07/2015 Thierry Chaminade (CNRS-AMU) Using artifical agents to study the neural bases of social cognition
15/07/2015 Michael Zehetleitner The replication crisis in Psychology