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2011 Tutorium on Computational Neuroscience


Summer term 2011


Course G: Basic neurosciences 2

Part 2: Tutorium on Computational Neuroscience





  • Once again, thank you all for your participation and efforts for this tutorial. I hope you could enjoy it as much as I did. :-)
  • The average grade for this tutorial was  1.5 (sd = 0.5). I will not upload the grade matrix for privacy reasons; if you are interested in your individual grade (tutorial only), please drop me a line.
  • In case you have any questions (e.g. concerning some labs or homework exercises) please do not hesitate to contact or visit me.



  • I have proof-read all your homeworks and will return them to you in the next session. The sample solution can be found here . If you have any questions, please do contact me.
  • The 25% of the grading will be composed as follows: 10% homework score + 15% lab engagement.
  • The complete set of labs can be found here - in case you want to play around for yourself in advance.



  • I have now uploaded simbrain, the neural network application we will be using for our labs. You can find it in the materials sections.
  • Concerning the grading: The tutorial will weigh 25% and the exam will weigh 75% of the grade.



  • Please download the homework set here. Find a partner and solve the problems in writing and bring them to the second tutorial, on June, the 15th.
  • I will not be in until June, the 14th but I will check my emails now and then.
  • It has been decided democratically, that we will start the 2nd and 3rd session c.t. (i.e. 16:15), while dynamically deciding on having a break or not.
  • Also please keep in mind, that the following two session will take place in the CIP 3001 (Leopold 13).
  • See you in two weeks and good luck with the problem set!



  • I have uploaded the slides for all sessions as well as the problem set 1 ( here ).
  • Also you can now find two papers on mathematics in neuroscience and a zip-file containing exemplary publications in the field.
  • There are also some links for different purposes provided, in case you want to surf around.


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