General and experimental psychology

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2012 Tutorium on Computational Neuroscience


Summer term 2012


Course G: Basic neurosciences 2

Part 2: Tutorium on Computational Neuroscience





So, that concludes the Tutorial for the computational neuroscience part of course G.

I hope, there was something in for everyone of you and you enjoyed at least layers of it :-)

Good luck with the exam!


Best, Emil




Thanks for your commited participation today!

I have added a link to a nice online tutorial on neuronal dynamics. It is being applied to robotics, but the lectures and exercises can be enjoyed also from a human psychological point of view.

Here goes:


Best, Emil




The solutions to the problem set are now online.

I will hand out your corrected versions during the tutorial.


Best, Emil




Dear NCP students,

here you can find all necessary information and materials concerning the associated tutorial.


See you all on Wednesday!





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