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2010 NCP Course P3 - Analysis of response time distributions with R


Winter term 2010/11:


NCP Course P3 - Analysis of response time distributions with R





  • It was decided, that there will be no open questions session next time, so the course is officially finished.
  • Thank you all for coming to my course this semester. I will try to get a better time slot for the follow-up course next semester.  :-)
  • Also, it would be nice of you, if you could find the time to fill out the NCP evaluation sheet for this course and hand it to Petra Redel.
  • Please feel free to contact me, in case you have any R or RT distribution specific questions in the future!



  • The materials for session 10 and 11 are all online. As you may notice, session 11 will consist only of a theory block.
  • Since we will not be able to deal with the topic of Model fitting, I will offer an optional Q&A-session next time.
  • In case we don't see each other next week: Good luck with your coming exams and thank you for your attentive participation!



  • I have uploaded the slides and the R code for session 10.
  • As the Problems F are quite crucial for the course, we will be working on them again in the exercise part.



  • Please find all the necessary materials for session 09 on the materials page
  • Also, I have added the two papers (Palmer, Schwarz), the slides are mostly based on. So if you want to delve into some of the details of this session, feel free to have a look at them.



  • I have uploaded a corrected version of slides 08. Please have a look at them.

    (In slide 7 the legend was mixed up and in slide 22 additional info on ks.testing is provided).

  • The solutions to Problems E are also online. I would strongly suggest, that you take a closer look at the solutions to ZZ and BS, since they demonstrate important concepts of data analysis (read-in of external data and bootstrapping).



  • All materials for the first session in the next year are as of now online. (Please note the paper by Townsend).
  • I have linked some pages concerning Repeated Measures ANOVAs on the "Useful links"-page. I thought about dedicating one session to this topic, but it would actually take more than one session :-(.  However, if you have specific questions, feel free to contact me.



  • Please find the solutions to Problems D on the materials page.
  • I have added links specifically dealing with ANOVAs and R on the "Useful links"-page
  • The first session in 2011 will be on January, the 11th. I'm looking forward to seeing you all rested and well then.
  • Thank you for the fruitful participation so far and lest I forget:

                         Happy X-mas and a successful 2011!   :->



  • Please find the slides, problems and R code for session 07 on the materials page.
  • Also check out this page with a nice java-application for visualising ANOVA dynamics.
  • For all of you who will not be able to join session 07: Happy holidays and a happy new year 2011!  :-)



  • I have uploaded the (corrected) Problems C and their solutions.
  • Next session we will look at ANOVAs and how you can compute them with R.



  • All materials for the sixth session are now online. Mind that we will have a small theoretical part necessary to perform the exercises.
  • Important: I have added two very useful pdfs in the materials section (R Reference Card and Zentrale Funktionen). You can find a collection of the most common functions in R.
  • Correction: In the last session, I stated that "|" is the logical AND in R. This is not true. "&" is the logical AND, "|" is the logical AND/OR, furthermore "!" is the logical NOT in R.



  • The solutions to Problems B are now online. I have also added questions and remarks to problems you have encountered during class, so this might be worth a look.
  • Next session we will continue having a "R-only" course.



  • The R code für session 05 and Problems B are now online.
  • As I announced last time, session 05 will only cover R exercises.



  • The slides and R code for session 04 are now online.
  • Contrary to my statement in class, there will be no problem sheet this week.
  • A small ray of hope: I intend to devote the entire session 05 (and probably 06 as well) to R exercises :->



  • The slides for session 03, the first problem sheet and a version of Tinn-R are online now. Enjoy!
  • I have converted all slides to *.ppt.
  • If you missed the first session, please feel free to contact me in case of open questions.
  • I also strongly advise everyone, to at least once. rehearse the commands we have used so far.



  • The slides for session 02 are as of now online
  • There will be (voluntary) problem sets from session 03 on, which you will find on the materials page. The idea is to use them as an opportunity to rehearse the R commands from the course.
  • Selected problems (and their solution) will be discussed in the succeeding session.




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