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University of Malta

MA in Humanitarian Action


"*Applications now open for an MA in Humanitarian Action at the University of Malta*

As part of the sector-wide effort to professionalise humanitarian action, the University of Malta is offering, for the fourth consecutive year, an MA in Humanitarian Action for which applications - for the 2015/2016 intake - are now open.

The MA in Humanitarian Action at the University of Malta combines theoretical and analytical knowledge and skills with a more hands-on approach, through various simulations and work placements and is taught by a combination of in-house experts and highly experienced guest lecturers.
It is intended for individuals working in, or aspiring to work in, humanitarian agencies, multilateral aid institutions, NGOs and private foundations, government agencies, large corporations with in-house outreach programmes, and think tanks and research centres focusing on humanitarian and development cooperation.

The programme is unique to the Mediterranean region, in that it is offered entirely in English and harnesses expertise from the academic, NGO, IO and government sectors. It has a strong regional focus and enables students to specialize in regionally relevant issues, such as displacement/migration and disaster preparedness.

The MA in Humanitarian Action at the University of Malta may be followed on a part-time (six semesters) or a full-time (three semesters) basis and offers students a comprehensive understanding of:

  • The history, principles and issues behind humanitarian action as a field of study and practice;
  • The variety of humanitarian and more long-term responses to crises across the globe;
  • How such responses are shaped and what consequences and ethical implications they have;
  • The institutional and legal framework for humanitarian action;
  • Medical and public health aspects of humanitarian action;
  • Human security and migration in the context of humanitarian action;
  • Media and humanitarian action;
  • Anthropology and humanitarian action;
  • Management and project/programme evaluation in humanitarian action;
  • Problems and challenges with contemporary humanitarian action;
  • And an in-depth knowledge of several sub-fields of humanitarian and development co-operation (depending on the student’s choice of specialisation).

So if you are interested in following a multidisciplinary Masters programme in Humanitarian Action while enjoying all that the beautiful Maltese islands have to offer, apply now. For more information on the course, as well as on how to apply, please visit: http://www.um.edu.mt/arts/int-relations/courses/ma-humanitarianaction

You may also send an email to joseph.m.debono@um.edu.mt. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dept. of International Relations,

Faculty of Arts,

University of Malta"

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