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Zaman University Cambodia

Third Annual Student Conference


"On behalf of Zaman University and of the Student Conference Organizing Committee, *I would like to extend an invitation to the students of your respective university to apply in this year's Third Annual Student Conference which will be held at Zaman University in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on June 11-12, 2016*.

[Students] will be able to present their research to a wide audience and will be able to get advice from distinguished professionals in their respective fields.

Thanks to our generous supporters, *the conference does not charge any registration fee and international students are provided with accommodation and meals during their stay*.

We look forward to receiving abstracts from your students as this event is open worldwide.

For further questions please contact sc-feas@zamanuniversity.edu.kh and keep updated through our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/annualstudentconf

*Full information*:

*Call for Papers3rd Annual Student Conference on Arts, Humanities and Social SciencesConference Theme: Young Voices on Global Challenges:
Movements, Shifts, Opportunities, and Risks11-12 June 2016Zaman University, Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA*

Recognizing the significant need for original research and development initiatives in Cambodia and to promote research culture among university students both in Cambodia and in the region, Zaman University has been organizing and hosting Annual Student Conferences since 2014. The panels generated rigorous discussion on various subjects and attracted attention from the media and academia. This year, the 3rd Annual Student Conference will continue serving the purpose of proving a platform for students to share their knowledge and research activities by presenting them to the public.

Distinguished intellectuals and professionals will be serving as chairs and discussants of the panels and will provide feedback on the research papers presented.

The theme of this year's conference focuses on opportunities for the youth and their engagement in tackling global issues. Our world is changing and while every day brings in new opportunities, multiple challenges emerge as well. National and global social movements are changing the landscape of politics and international relations. While the social media is connecting the world, traditional loyalties are shifting and are being remade.
connectivity is bringing about new waves of thought and novel ways of action. Start-ups and social entrepreneurship are reshaping the global economic activities and creating multiple benefits all the while challenging the existing structures. Young people are both at the center of these changes and are the biggest group to be affected by them. This conference aims to provide them with an arena where they can voice their concerns and share the solutions they come up with through their research.

By participating in the conference, students will:

  • get valuable feedback on the progress of their research
  • have a unique chance to expand their professional network
  • receive a Certificate of Participation
  • have an opportunity to get their paper published in conference proceedings
  • be immersed in the rich social and cultural atmosphere of Cambodia (for international participants)

Students are encouraged to submit their abstracts (1-2 paragraph summary of the research proposed to be presented in the conference) in the following disciplines:

Political Science and International Relations Banking and Finance Business Administration and Entrepreneurship Development Studies Domestic and International Law Environmental Sciences, Natural Resources, and Energy Politics Media and Communications Education Art, History, and Architecture

Important Dates:
Abstracts Submission Deadline: April 17, 2016 Notification of the accepted abstracts: April 25, 2016 Pre-conference workshop (optional): May 16, 2016

Abstract Submission
While the conference is open to all students, Senior Undergraduates, and Master’s Students are particularly encouraged to apply.
Interested students are required to submit their abstract no later than April 17, 2016. The abstract must include a tentative title, institutional affiliation of the student, contact information, and should be approximately 250 words.
Participants from outside Cambodia will be provided with room and board for the conference duration. A small contribution may be provided for the airfare depending on the available funding for the conference program.

For abstract submission or further inquiries, please contact:
Important Notice
There is no registration fee. Please follow the conference social media page to get updates.