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Guest lecture and workshop by Prof. David Cook

"Validity arguments for learner assessments: Could the evidence convince a jury?" and "Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses: A Practical Approach"

28.05.2018 – 29.05.2018


On behalf of the REASON program at the Munich Center of the Learning Sciences (MCLS) we are very pleased to announce the upcoming visit and event series held by:

David A. Cook, MD, MHPE
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science

Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses: A Practical Approach
Monday, 28.05.2018, 9:00 s.t. -16:00

Systematic reviews play a key role in evidence-based practice, and writing a review article is often a first step in beginning a new line of research. But there's a lot more to conducting a high-quality systematic review than meets the eye. Meta-analysis is often (but not always) helpful in synthesizing the results of a systematic review. During this interactive session, Dr. David Cook will present practical steps for planning and conducting a systematic review, and outline a conceptual approach to determining when and how to perform a meta-analysis. Participants will engage in a "hands-on" approach, critiquing and revising an actual systematic review.

Participants are strongly encouraged to bring a draft manuscript or study protocol for a systematic review they are doing or would like to do, and will use this for the hands-on activity. (We will provide a manuscript for those who do not bring their own.)

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
• Distinguish a systematic review from other types of review articles, and explain when a systematic review would be useful;
• Implement a six-step practical approach to plan and execute a systematic review;
• Justify situations in which a meta-analysis might help in synthesizing results;
• Interpret the results of a meta-analysis including different approaches to pooling results, estimating heterogeneity, and evaluating for publication bias; and
• Describe key elements for reporting a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Guest Talk: Validity arguments for learner assessments: Could the evidence convince a jury?
Tuesday 29.05.2018, 14:00 c.t. -16:00, Leopoldstr. 13, Room 3221


Learner assessment is essential in competency-based education, personalized instruction, candidate selection, and many other education activities. But how good are the assessments we're using? How do we define "good"? And what are our assessments good for? In this session, Dr. David Cook will address these questions. He will discuss learner assessment as a diagnostic test, present an "evidence and argument" framework for judging the validity of decisions (diagnoses) based on assessment results, and show how this framework applies to a commonly-used assessment tool. He will discuss the concept of qualitative assessment and explain how validity frameworks apply to this approach. He will conclude by highlighting issues for attention in future research.

We are looking forward to welcoming many interested participants!
Please register for participation at reason-enb@psy.lmu.de by 2.04.2018