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Opportunity for Master Thesis in Psychology

Relationships among shifting (switching between tasks), working memory, perceptual speed and fluid intelligence considering different scoring methods.


Background of the project:

Based on the data of a currently ongoing study about the relevance of cognitive functions for learning statistical content, you will deal with the relationships among the cognitive functions shifting, working memory, perceptual speed and fluid intelligence. The research about these relationships (e.g., relationships between shifting and working memory as well as fluid intelligence) is partly insufficient. In addition, there are different scoring methods to measure swtich costs to operationalize shifting. Two of these methods will be in the focus of the work (Please note that the calculations itself are by no means central for the work, but the consequences of different scoring methods for the relationships among cognitive functions).



  • Intensive literature search
  • Potential involvement in the implementation of the study
  • Data analysis
  • Writing the final thesis

With regard to every priority, you will be supported by the supervisor.



  • Student of Psychology
  • Interest in relationships among cognitive functions
  • Work independently, motivation


If you are interested, please contact Dr. Matthias Schwaighofer.