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Network of Academic Programs in the Learning Sciences (NAPLeS) launched!


The Network of Academic Programs in the Learning Sci ences (NAPLeS) is an international network for PhD and Master’s programs in the Learning Sciences. NAPLeS is part of the International Society of the Learning Sciences (http://www.isls.org). The overall mission of NAPLeS is to foster high quality Learning Sciences programs internationally through several mechanisms that support teaching and learning.

At LMU the MCLS doctoral training program and the Master’s Learning Sciences program are members of NAPLeS. This membership connects and enables exchange with programs from more than 25 universities worldwide, like the University of California in Berkeley, the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, the University of Sydney and many more.

The NAPLeS webpages provide more useful information about the network. Especially you can find Learning Sciences Syllabi from different NAPLeS member programs and recordings from 49 webinars with experts in the Learning Sciences.