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App-based learning for kindergarten children at home

Type of project and funding:

ERC Starting Grant – funded by the EU


03/2019 – 02/2024

Involved staff members:


Children’s early literacy and mathematical competencies are important prerequisites for academic achievement in school, but many children start life disadvantaged due to their family circumstances and the lower quality home learning environment they experience. In the ERC-project „App-based Learning for Kindergarten Children at Home“ (Learning4Kids) we select and develop digital learning programs to support and improve children’s literacy and mathematical competencies. We use digital devices as they are very common nowadays and appeal to many families, regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds. We plan to visit 500 four-year-old children in their second-last year of kindergarten and their families in their homes and track them until the end of Grade 2. Children and their families are randomly assigned to intervention and control groups. Families in the intervention group will receive tablets including literacy and mathematical learning apps as well as written information about the Home Literacy Environment and the Home Numeracy Environment with practical tips on how to support their children’s literacy and mathematical skill development. Two control groups (with and without tablets) will be assessed to analyze children’s development.

Goal and research questions:

The aim of this project is to test the impact of the intervention measures on the quality of the home learning environment and the short- and long-term development of children’s competencies. We expect the intervention to improve the quality of the home learning environment and to support children’s development of literacy and mathematical skills.