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Development of an objective assessment tool for the Home Numeracy Environment

Type of project and funding:

Research project


Since 2018

Involved staff members:


This project analyses the association of knowledge about mathematical games and children’s mathematical competencies. Here, the newly developed title recognition test for mathematical games (TRT-Mathe-K) will be used and tested. Similar to title recognition tests for book authors and children book titles, this checklist consists of existing popular children games with a mathematical content as well as of non-mathematical games and made-up game titles. In this cross-sectional field study, kindergarten children will be assessed and their parents will be surveyed about the home numeracy environment. The association of the total score of the TRT-Mathe-K and children’s abilities will be analysed.

Goal and research questions:

Is there an association between the knowledge about mathematical games and kindergarten children’s mathematical competencies?
Does the knowledge about mathematical games predict children’s mathematical competencies when controlling for child characteristics (e.g., age, sex, intelligence)?

Cooperation partner: