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Main Research Interests

The main research interests of our group are (1) the etiology and treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder and (2) the role of transdiagnostic processes (e.g. repetitive negative thinking; emotion regulation; childhood trauma; sleep and sleep disorders; information processing bias) in the maintenance of emotional disorders. In our research, we strive for an integration experimental psychopathology research on the one hand and the development and empirical evaluation of novel interventions on the other hand.

Current Research Topics

  • Effectiveness of trauma focused CBT in clinical practice
  • Mechanisms of change in trauma-focused treatment of PTSD
  • Information processing bias in PTSD
  • Childhood trauma and symptoms of depressive disorders in adulthood 
  • Similarities and differences in repetitive negative thinking (rumination, worry) in different disorders
  • Effects of worrying on emotional processing
  • Prevention of mental disorders by reducing repetitive negative thinking
  • Psychophysiological changes in mental disorders (e.g. heart rate variability)
  • Cognitive bias modification in different mental disorders
  • Imagery rescripting in different mental disorders