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Prof. Dr. Kurt Heller

Prof. Dr. Kurt Heller, (Emeritus)



In the last 30 years the following project themes have been mainly investigated: Giftedness and achievement excellence, (technical) creativity, gender specific differences in giftedness and achievement in MINT/STEM, attributional retraining, (gifted) program evaluation studies among others.

Among others Heller initiated and led the following national and international studies: The Munich Giftedness Study (since 1984) and a series of following projects, for example, meta-cognition development in childhood, problem solving competencies, (technical) creativity, development of highly gifted students, leisure time activities of gifted adolescents, counseling and nurturing the gifted and talented, cross-cultural studies on giftedness, a ten year acceleration program evaluation study of the development of highly gifted students at the German Gymnasium (1992-2002) as well as investigations on giftedness and gender (1992-2001), the Bavarian Primary School Study on gifted students (2001-2003), the MINT/STEM enrichment program “Hector Seminar” at the German Gymnasium (2001-2009).

Furthermore, Heller has guided a series of evaluation studies about different programs for the support of the gifted and talented students at the primary, secondary and tertiary (university) level since 1984.

From 1995 to 1998 Heller was the German project leader of the EU-supported international ALFA-project “Self-Concept and Competence: Exchange and Cooperation between Universities of the European Union and Universities of Latin America” (Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Cuba, England, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Peru, Venezuela).

From 1995 to 2003 he led project 5 and (in cooperation with Albert Ziegler) project 7 of the DFG research group “Knowledge and action” at the LMU: Reattributional and motivational training for the altering of negative self-related knowledge as a condition for treatment successes (with female and male students).

From 1995 to 2006 as a member of an international consortium of USA, Germany, Finland, Romania, China (PRC), Taiwan (ROC) and Korea, Heller led the German part of a cross-cultural retrospective study of the prefinalists and finalists (1977-1997) of the International Academic Olympiads (in math, physics and chemistry). In 2004, he started a follow-up study on the career of the German Olympians.

For these projects, Heller was able to raise over 10 million DM in funding (till 2000) and 3.5 million € (2001-2010) respectively.


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