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Forschungskolloquium: Gastvortrag von Isabel Thielmann

"An affordance-based perspective on individual differences in prosocial behavior"


Isabel Thielmann, University of Koblenz-Landau

Zeit:  Dienstag, 23.07.19, 16:00 Uhr

Ort:   Leopoldstr. 13, Haus 1, Raum 1301


Prosocial behaviors constitute the most basic ingredients for the functioning of a wide range of relationships, including dyads, groups, and societies at large. Strikingly, there are considerable individual differences in the extent to which individuals are willing to behave in a prosocial manner – and thus to benefit others at personal cost. To account for these inter-individual differences, research has increasingly considered a wide variety of personality traits. In my talk, I am going to present a theoretical framework that can illuminate the relation between personality traits and prosocial behavior in interdependent situations and that we have recently tested in a large-scale meta-analysis across 770 studies comprising 3,523 effect sizes. Specifically, we identified four key situational affordances across interdependent situations (i.e., the possibility for exploitation, the possibility for reciprocity, self-regulation, and dependence on others under uncertainty) and more specific motives that may guide behavior (e.g., altruism, fairness, greed, and trust) to determine when, how, and which personality traits should be expressed in prosocial behavior in which situations. The meta-analysis provides overall support for this framework and can thereby enhance our understanding of how individual differences in prosocial behavior may come about. I will detail the logic of the framework with a specific focus on trustful behavior as most prominently measured in the Trust Game.



Center for Leadership and Peoplemanagement