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Guest Lecture: Florien Cramwinckel

“What’s Not to Like?! Reactions to Moral Refusers in the Domains of Vegetarianism, Drinking, and Equal Rights”


Dr. Florien Cramwinckel, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Time:    Tuesday, 22.10.19, 12 - 14 (c.t.)

Room:   Konradstr. 6, R. 309


People sometimes react negatively when others show moral behavior. In my research, I tried to answer fundamental questions about how morality functions in a variety of settings. In particular, I use a wide range of content domains, measures, methods, and manipulations to examine how people react to the morally motivated behaviors of others. I focus on reactions towards others who take a moral stance as well as on reactions
towards oneself.
For example, in one experiment, participants tasted meat during the study. Hereafter, they were confronted with the reaction of someone who refused to taste this meat out of moral or non-moral reasons. I demonstrated that people who ate meat felt threatened by moral vegetarians, and evaluated themselves more negatively after exposure to moral vegetarians. Moreover, I showed that these effects were attenuated when people could protect their self-concepts (e.g., by cleansing their hands). The behaviors I focus on are not moral or immoral behaviors per se. Instead, what I show is that labelling or perceiving them as moral—regardless of their exact content—has a strong influence on people’s self-concepts, their evaluations of others, and their actual behaviors. In this talk, I will describe some of my work regarding reactions to moral others in the domains of vegetarianism, (non-)drinking and support for equal rights.




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