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Lecture Series "Psychology in the 'Digital Age' "


The psychology department at LMU offers a series of keynote talks on "psychology in the 'digital age'". With these talks, our department would like to learn more about how psychology (as a science) is relevant for emerging topics in the IT or the engineering domain, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, digitalization, 'big data', etc. We focus on (1) what psychology can contribute to these emerging topics, (2) how psychology can learn from other disciplines working on these topics, and (3) whether we, as psychologists, should be more proactive in these topics, for instance, by implementing new research groups in psychology departments (devoted to these topics), or by actively initiating collaborative efforts with colleages from IT and/or engineering departments.

Program Winter Term 2019/20

1. lecture WiSe 19/20:

Prof. Dr. Bart Rientjes, Open University UK,

Wednesday, 30.10.2019
16 - 18 (c.t.), Room 2301




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