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LFP The intra- and interpersonal effects of anger on the initiation of negotiations

Semester: WiSe 2009/2010 & SoSe 2010

Dozenten: Prof Dr. Felix Brodbeck & Dr. Julia Reif


Previous research on emotions and bargaining processes and outcomes has found that angry persons negotiate more competitively and aggressively. In a face-to-face experimental setting, participants who were either angry or neutral were offered a payment in exchange of participating in our study, which was said to be negotiable. We hypothesized that the propensity to negotiate and the negotiation outcome was higher, if participants were primed angry and that this effect was moderated by the opponent’s expressed emotion. Our expectations were partially supported, as anger did not lead to more initiation and negotiation outcome in general, but only if the opponent behaved friendly and customer-oriented. Results suggest that future research should investigate the interaction of intra- and interpersonal effects of emotions, rather than separated effects.