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LFP IT IS NOT ONLY WHAT YOU SAY, IT IS HOW YOU SAY IT: The Role of Integrative Complexity in Employer Branding

Semester: SoSe 2012 & WiSe 2012/2013

Dozenten: Prof Dr. Felix Brodbeck & Dr. Katharina Kugler


This study focuses on the style of communication in employer branding – a research field that has been neglected so far. The study examined the role of integrative complexity in predicting organizational attractiveness. Two research questions were developed regarding integrative complexity as an antecedent of organizational attractiveness and as a moderator of the relationship between P-O fit and organizational attractiveness. Data were collected from 298 students who read extracts of career websites with different degrees of integrative complexity. The findings supported the hypothesis that integrative complexity positively influences organizational attractiveness, even if perceived organizational attributes and values are controlled. A moderating effect of integrative complexity was not found. The added value of considering the style of communication in employer branding is highlighted. Practical implications and suggestions for future research are discussed.