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Teaching and Advancement of Young Researchers

lesehalle21We are educating our students following the scientist practitioner model. Lectures, seminars, and projects are all designed to teach academic research practice, but also to enable the application of research insights and established methods in the numerous practitioner contexts. Through this balance between applied research and evidence based practice our students learn the applications of theoretical knowledge but also learn to develop relevant insights and theories.


Project based teaching

As central elements of the education we offer our students LFPs (Research-Projects) and LPPs (Practice-Projects). These two semesters, small group classes enable impendent learning-by-doing in the realms of research as well as practice.

Research Projects (Lehrforschungsprojekte - LFPs)

  • Working in Virtual Environments
  • Collective Information processing
  • Working in Teams
  • Relational Orientations in Customer Relationships

Practice-Projects (Lehrpraxisprojekte – LPPs)

  • Employee surveys
  • Small and Medium Enterprises and Globalisation

Research internships

Another way for our students to gain first research experience are research internships. Together with an experienced member of our research staff the students have the opportunity to work on a specific research question.

Company internships

In order to foster our students' understanding of practical problems we actively support our students in finding interesting and challenging internships. Ideally these internships allow the application of the learnt theories, methods and frameworks. Internships also prepare our students for the requirements of the job market.