Economic and  Organisational Psychology

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Core Research Areas

This section will give you an overview of the core areas of the research efforts at the Chair for Industrial, Organisational, and Market Psychology. More information can be found in the Team section on the individual pages of our researchers.

Organisational and Industrial Psychology

  • Intercultural behaviour in business contexts
  • Social and cultural influences on leadership, teams, and organisational culture
  • Organisational culture and firm performance
  • Collective information processing in teams in decision situations, problem solving, and situations of group judgment
  • Well-being oriented leadership and social support in organisations
  • Managing diversity
  • Team diagnosis, team and organisational development, collective learning
  • Effective processes in virtual cooperation networks
  • Learning and cooperating eco-systems
  • Aptitude testing, personnel selection, personnel development, personal evaluation, development and evaluation of PE-Systems
  • Quality factors in coaching
  • Training evaluation
  • Social Computing
  • 360 Feedback

Market and Consumer Psychology

  • Evaluation of marketing activities
  • Marketing strategy
  • Innovation and product management
  • Branding
  • Trend research
  • Segmentation and target group analyses
  • Customer insights

Economic Psychology

  • Collective information processing in decisions, judgment and problem solving
  • Virtual markets, networks and prediction markets
  • Effects of relational orientations on economic decision making