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M.Sc. Carmen Ludwig

research assistant


Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Department Psychologie
Lehrstuhl Wirtschafts- und Organisationspsychologie
Leopoldstraße 13 | 80802 München

Research interests

  • influence of design features on consumers’ perception of sustainable values
  • diagnosis focusing on sustainable, product/brand related psychological research e.g. nonverbal implicit product communication, semiotics, packging communication , sustainable consumption; social components of design features in a consumer and design psychological context.
  • Brand personality, Brand perception (implicit/explicit), Corporate Identity


Ludwig, C., & Diefenbach, S. (2016) I spy with my little eye: Motivating pro-environmental goal pursuit in the context of self-regulatory dynamics. Poster presented at the European Workshop on Ecological Psychology, EWEP 14 Annual Conference, Groningen, Netherlands

Ludwig, C. (2016). Diversity in Fashion from a psychological perspective. Oral presentation at the Maastricht Conference on the Cultural and Creative Industries, MCCCI, Maastricht, NL.

Ludwig, C. R. (2015,05). Communicating sustainability: Consequences for consumers’ perception and implicit attitudes on brand personality in the fashion industry. Poster presented at the British Psychological Society, NIBPS Annual Conference, Armagh, UK.

Ludwig, C. R. (2015,04). The Implicit Brand Personality Test: Assessing consumers’ brand personality attitudes based on the Multi-Dimensional Implicit Associations. Oral presentation at the Annual Psychology Fashion Conference, London, UK.

Ludwig, C., & Glathe, S. (2013, 08). Me, Myself and I: Mental Diffusion. Fault Magazin. [Link]

Ludwig, C., & Glathe, S. (2013, 04). Odalisque. Institute Magazin. [Link]

Ludwig, C. R. (2013). Im Rausch der temper(El)mente. Hotellerie et Gastronomie Magazin, 3, 13-25.

Ludwig, C. R. (n.d.). Fashion branding as a mediator of social and psychological needs. Pigeons and Peacocks Magazine. (in review)