Economic and  Organisational Psychology

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Vision and Mission

We are committed to improving the premises of human performance and personal development, as well as to promoting humanitarianism in the workplace.

PendelEqually, we strive to contribute to the continuous improvement of Economic and Organisational Psychology as an academic discipline as well as a practice. Rigor and relevance are our outmost concerns in research, teaching, and application.

Our academic research strives to be among the best in the field and to deliver insights and implications, which can be easily applied by practitioners, who face real world problems. Our application oriented work is always "evidence based" (Brodbeck, 2008: Editorial der Zeitschrift für Organisationsentwicklung, Download PDF, 370 KB).

More detailed information on our academic work can be found in the section Research. More information on our application oriented efforts can be found in the section Practice.