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Carola Romberg-Taylor

Dr. Carola Romberg-Taylor

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow


Room: Leopoldstr. 13, Room 3.118
Phone: + 49 89 2180 6313

Further Information

Post-doctoral Researcher in Biological Psychology


PhD: Oxford, UK; MSc: University of Cologne;


since 2016: Post-doctoral Researcher; Biological Psychology Research Unit, LMU Munich.

2010-2016: Marie Curie Intraeuropean Exchange Fellow; Max-Planck-Institute of Psychiatry, Munich.

2008-2009: Lecturer in Neuroscience; University of Cambridge, UK.

2008-2010: Post-doctoral Researcher; University of Cambridge, UK.

2006-2007: College Lecturer in Neuroscience; Keble College, Oxford, UK.




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