Biologische Psychologie

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Klausureinsicht zur Modulprüfung Biologische Psychologie SS2022 am 26.10.2022, 14:00-15:00. Bitte unter Biopsychologie[at] anmelden (eine Anmeldung ist Voraussetzung für die Einsicht).


Members of the research unit are involved in undergraduate as well as postgraduate teaching at the Department of Psychology, LMU Munich. We provide teaching on the biological bases of psychology, psychological research methods, neurocognition, and neurobiology of psychiatric disorders. 

Undergraduate Teaching

  • Introduction into Biological Psychology (Psychology Minor)
  • Biological Bases of Psychology Parts 1 and 2 (Psychology Major)
  • Empirical Research in Biological Psychology

 Postgraduate Teaching

  • Selected Topics in Neurocognition (MSc Clinical and Neurocognitive Psychology, Neurocognitive Psychology Elite MSc programme)
  • Selected Topics on Electrophysiological Research Methods (Neurocognitive Psychology Elite MSc programme)
  • Neurobiological Bases of Psychiatric Disorders (MSc Clinical and Neurocognitive Psychology)

We supervise lab interns as well as final year projects on undergraduate as well as postgraduate level, where we offer supervision of research projects on topics such as memory processes, attention, executive functions etc. in which methods such as EEG, TMS or tDCS are applied.