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Prof. Dr. Tobias Schuwerk

Prof. Dr. Tobias Schuwerk

Vertretungsprofessur für Entwicklungspsychologie und Pädagogische Psychologie


Social interaction relies on a range of cognitive processes dedicated to make sense of other’s and our own behavior. A powerful tool to explain and predict behavior is Theory of Mind, our ability to attribute mental states, such as beliefs, intentions or desires to others and ourselves. I study Theory of Mind in children and adults with and without autism. I am particularly interested in its (neuro-)cognitive basis and its development during childhood. I try to find out if –and if so, how– the cognitive processes underlying Theory of Mind work differently in people with autism. Further, I investigate when and how we mentalize in our everyday lives. I employ a range of methods including behavioral measures, fMRI, TMS, experience sampling method and passive mobile sensing.


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