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Felix Suessenbach

Dr. Felix Suessenbach


Leopoldstraße 13
80802 München

Raum: 3419
Telefon: +49 89 2180-5296

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Who am I? (And why am I doing this?)


Welcome! My name is Felix and I am a motivational psychologist. I got into psychological research because I wanted to know how our personal desires/motives affect how we think, how we act, and what values we hold dear. Here I am particulary interested in the influence of the power motive (i.e., people's different desires to have influence on others). Have a look at my research interests in more detail here. If you have any questions, quarrels or would like to work with me on a project then please do not hesitate to get in touch:


My research interests

  • the structure of power desires
  • moral psychology
  • political decision making
  • the interplay between (achievement) motivation and emotions

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Selected publications

  • Suessenbach, F., Loughnan, S., Schönbrodt, F. D., & Moore, A. B. (2018). The dominance, prestige, and leadership account of social power motives. European Journal of Personality.
  • Cram, L., Moore, A. B., Olivieri, V., & Suessenbach, F. (2018). Fair is fair, or is it? Territorial identity triggers influence ultimatum game behaviour. Politcal Psychology, 39, 1233-1250. doi: 10.1111/pops.12543
  • Suessenbach, F., & Moore, A. B. (2015). Individual differences in the explicit power motive predict “utilitarian” choices in moral dilemmas, especially when this choice is self-beneficial. Personality and Individual Differences, 86, 297-302. doi:10.1016/j.paid.2015.06.031 Link

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