General and experimental psychology

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Course description


Course G: Basic neurosciences 2

Part 2:  Tutorium on Computational Neuroscience (Deubel)


Time and Location

Where:    CIP-Pool (Leopoldstraße 11b)

When:    Wednesdays, 1st, 15th, 22nd June; 16:00 - 18:00


Tutorial aims

  • Introducing basic mathematical concepts relevant for the field of computational neuroscience.
  • Reducing the terror of mathematical formalizations and reasoning.
  • Gaining hands-on expericence for network dynamics and learning mechanisms with help of labs in Simbrain (neural networks simulator).


Tutorial contents

  • Differential Equations and the leaky integrator
  • Matrix Calculus and Linear associators
  • Applying Simbrain to activity propagation, Hebbian learning and sensori-motor control


Requirements for course credit points

• Lecture: written examination (weighing 75%) at the end of the semester (week 13).

• Tutorial: Solving problem sets and working actively on Simbrain labs (weighing 25% = 10% homework + 15% lab activity).