General and experimental psychology

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Doctoral Thesis "Distributional constraints on cognitive architecture: A statistical evaluation" (in english, PDF, 4 MB)

Diploma Thesis "State-space models, Kalman recursions and EM-Algorithm"(in german, PDF, 1.2 MB)


Conference presentations

Zehetleitner M, Ratko-Dehnert E & Müller H J, 2011,  "Alpha and beta errors in the race model inequality" In: Bittrich K., Blankenberger S. & Lukas J. (Hrsg.), Experimentelle Psychologie: 53. Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen, 13.-16. März 2011, Halle (a. d. Saale), Pabst Science

Ratko-Dehnert E, Zehetleitner M, 2011, "Monte Carlo study on the power of the race model inequality", Perception 40 ECVP Abstract Supplement, page 174