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SRA Workshop

Interplay of Domain-Specific and Domain-General Aspects of Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation Skills

06.07.2016 – 08.07.2016

The Workshop about the topic

"Interplay of Domain-Specific and Domain- General Aspects of Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation Skills"


will take place on July 6th - 8th, 2016

at the Center for Advanced Studies in the Seestraße 13.


Organized by

  • Prof. Dr. Frank Fischer (CAS Senior Researcher in Residence)
  • Prof. Clark Chinn, Ph.D. (Rutgers/CAS Fellow)
  • Katharina Engelmann, M.Sc. (LMU)
  • Prof. Jonathan Osborne, Ph.D. (Stanford/CAS Fellow)


Find further information in the invitation (.pdf, 317kb) and the Abstract Booklet (.pdf, 240kb).