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REASON Practice Transfer Videos are now available!

The communication of research findings is an essential key qualification in research.


The international doctoral school REASON is very happy to announce the release of the first REASON practice transfer videos!

The video series provides a snapshot of the research world of REASON and a glimpse into modern research environments comprised of international and interdisciplinary teams. Here, some of the doctoral candidates from the first cohort present their empirical findings by explaining the theory and the design of their studies, their research methods, and discussing the implications of their results for practice and society.

Andras Csanadi, Carlos Mauricio Castaño Diaz, Maria Fysaraki, Jannina Klemm, and Ansgar Opitz were doctoral candidates in the REASON Cohort 2013 and are now members of the REASON Alumni network. Their videos are available under REASON Practice Transfer. In an effort to make the videos accessible to both non-English and non-German speakers, German subtitles are available for English videos and German videos have English subtitles.

We would like to warmly thank our participating alumni for their time, their effort and their valuable contribution!

The initiative will be pursued in the current REASON cohort. For any questions or further information please contact doctoral candidate April Moeller.