Pädagogische Psychologie, Diagnostik und Evaluation

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Curriculum vitae

Born in 1962, Dr. Schuster received her master's degree in Psychology from  the University of Bielefeld. Thereafter she received a scholarship from the Max-Planck Institute for Psychological Research in Munich and studied abroad at New York University. She is currently assistant professor for psychology at the University of Kiel and LMU and professor Professorship for psychology at the University of Eichstätt. She researches and teaches in the field of motivational-, developmental- social- and educational psychology.

Her focus within her teaching lies in "Problems in Behavior and Experience". Prospective teachers or school psychologists should be prepared to prevent and to intervene in educational or disciplinary problems in class. Emphasis is put on the mediation of social skills which are required in class or in contact with parents.

Current research interests lie in the field of social exclusion/mobbing (e.g. in school or in the workplace). Aside from conceptual work concerning the classification of the phenomenon (e.g. as stemming from discipline problems) and descriptive analysis (e.g., prevalence), Dr. Schuster’s work incorporates attribution theory and game theory concerning characteristics of victims (e.g. lack of assertiveness) and group mechanisms (e.g. devaluation of victims, reputational bias). Her work also focuses on "Forgiveness".