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Throughout its existence the international master's program “Psychology of Excellence in Business and Education” attracted students with top grades from all over the world. 327 students from 66 countries in total graduated successfully from the program.  Around one-third of them pursued their interest in the field as doctoral candidates.  The alumni of the program possess a unique combination of knowledge and competencies in the fields of giftedness, talent assessment, identification and development, expertise, excellent performance in educational and organizational settings, as well as in learning sciences and research methods. The successful experiences and practices from the program continue to be implemented within the new "Psychology Master’s Program in the Learning Sciences" and students interested in the educational and research aspects of giftedness, expertise and excellence are welcome to apply for admission.

Full list of the alumni of “Psychology of Excellence in Business and Education”



graduation_ws2013Graduation WS 2012/13






Graduation SS 2012






graduation_ws11Graduation WS 2011/12






graduation_ss11Graduation SS 2011






graduation_ss10Graduation SS 2010






grad_ws2010Graduation WS 2009/10





graduation_ss2009Graduation SS 2009






graduation_ws09Graduation WS 2008/09

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