General and experimental psychology

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Research colloquium

Winter semester 2021-22

27.10.2021 – 09.02.2022

Winter Semester 2021-22
General and Experimental Psychology, LMU Munich
Via Zoom


Organizer: Prof. Hermann J. Müller

Week Date Speaker Title Host
1 20/10 NCP Welcome
2 27/10 Roland Pfister
Univ. of Würzburg 
Errro-- Error porce-- Error processing HJM
3 03/11 Merit Bruckmaier & Artyom Zinchenko
Context-based predictions in visual search: Behavioral and neural mechanisms TG
4 10/11 Markus Conci
Experience-dependent object and scene processing HJM
5 17/11
12.15 noon
Philip Sterzer
Charité Berlin
A predictive processing account of bistable perception ZS
6 24/11
12.15 noon
Alan Stocker
U o Pennsylvania, USA
Expectations in perceptual decision making  ZS
7 01/12 Biyu He
Predictive mechanisms in perception FA
8 08/12
12.15 noon
Gesine Dreisbach
U o Regensburg
Should I stay or should I go: Modulation of the flexibility-stability balance AZ
9 15/12 NCP Day
10 22/12 X'mas & New Year Break
11 12/01 Anna Vaskevich
Rutgers University, USA
Rethinking statistical learning as a dynamic stochastic process AZ
12 19/01

Keisuke Fukuda
U o Toronta, CA

Visual working memory representations are distorted by its use in perceptual comparisons HJM
13 26/01 Aidan Horner
U o York, UK
Forgetting across a hierarchy of episodic representations TS



Linnea Karlsson Wirebring
Umeå University, S
On default similarity-based processes in human judgement EK