General and experimental psychology

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Chair of General and Experimental Psychology (Allgemeine und Experimentelle Psychologie, AEP) was originally held by Karl Stumpf, and later by Theodor Lipps, Oswald Külpe, and Wolfgng Prinz, amongst others. Since 2000, it has been held by Hermann Josef Müller. The teaching and research unit associated with the chair has seen a marked growth over the last few years, in terms of staff, research funding and research output. more

Research group FOR 2293 Active Perception is concerned with, and brings together, classical issues of psychology, including perception, selective attention, learning in perception/action, and action control. Active Perception implies that perceptual processing does not simply lead to actions, but is itself influenced by intended actions (including the anticipated action consequences), in addition to memory (‘priors’) and contextual (e.g., social) influences. The overarching aim of the research group is to contribute to the integration of these themes, that have hitherto been treated largely separately, in a unifying framework of the ‘situated, adaptively perceiving observer. more


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