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Conference of the research group (2022)

Handling Visual Distraction

22.07.2022 – 25.07.2022

Munich/Ammersee, July 22nd - 25th, 2022

Dear participants,

As the organizers of this conference and the speakers of the research group, we cordially welcome you to conference of the Research Group Handling Visual Distraction funded by the Center for Advanced Studies at Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität (CASLMU). In our view, the conference and the ensuing Munich stays are the culmination of what has been and hopefully will continue to be a very successful large-scale collaboration that is so far unprecedented in our research community.
We have divided the symposium into four thematic sessions. Although some thematic structuring was necessary to organize the presentations, the session themes are, of course, closely interrelated, so that issues focused on in the earlier sessions may be highlighted again, from some complementary perspective, in later sessions. Thus, the resulting whole will be more than the parts. There five sessions/themes are:

Session 1 (Friday afternoon/evening): Theories and Models of Visual Search

Session 2 (Saturday morning): Distractor Suppression

Session 3 (Saturday afternoon): Regularities and Broadening the Picture

Session 4 (Sunday, all day): Search Experience/Statistical Learning

Session 5 (Monday morning): Perception, Action, and Working Memory

Each fellow of the CAS group will have 30 min to present their most exciting empirical work and theoretical ideas related to the topic of the research group, followed by a 15-min discussion. Towards the end of each day there will also be a General Discussion that is meant to give us time for wrapping up what we have learned over the day and for considering in more depth issues that cut across and bring together the contents of the individual talks. Saturday evening is reserved for a poster session featuring great contributions from many junior scientists.
We wish to thank all speakers for accepting our invitation and agreeing to contribute to this conference and the research group. Further, we thank the Center for Advanced Studies (CASLMU) and the DFG Research Group FOR 2293: Active Perception for making all this possible via their generous financial support. Last but not least: we would like to especially thank all those who worked behind the scene to make this conference possible, in particular: Isabella Schopp and Lena Boumann from the CASLMU and Birgitt Aßfalg, Gabriella Zopscak, and Thomas Geyer from the chair of General and Experimental Psychology at LMU.

The detailed program can be found here
We wish you all a productive, intellectually exciting and enjoyable conference.

Hermann Müller & Heinrich Liesefeld