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Benefits of membership

  • The program's main features are represented online as part of a strong international network to enhance visibility
  • Scholars and students of member programs are part of a rapidly growing international network in the Learning Sciences
  • Scholars have access to a well-organized resource collection of texts, videos and learning activities for the design of introductory courses into the Learning Sciences; they can explore the curricula and a collection of syllabi from other programs
  • Students benefit from visiting scholar opportunities and possible international supervision of their research
  • Professors and students benefit from access to online courses on specific topics and methods offered by one or more NAPLeS professors

What you need to become a member program

  1. A running or upcoming Ph.D. or Master's degree program in the area of the Learning Sciences
  2. At least 3 persons associated with the program need to be ISLS members (at least 2 of them on the faculty level)

Members are expected to be active in the following ways

  • Naming a liaison person for NAPLeS
  • Submitting program information to be represented on the NAPLeS website
  • Providing visiting scholar opportunities for other NAPLeS students
  • Submitting exemplary syllabi
  • Contributing to the webinar series in collaboration with other programs (every other year)

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