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Guest Talk Alex Etz: A Bayesian reanalysis of the Reproducibility Project:Psychology


"Guest Talk by Alexander Etz (University of Amsterdam):
How replicable is psychological research? A Bayesian reanalysis of the Reproducibility Project : Psychology
Monday, Feb 29, 2016, 16:00 (c.t.) – 18:00, Leopoldstr. 13, Room 3322

Alexander Etz conducted a Bayesian reanalysis of the recent Reproducibility Project: Psychology using Bayes factors, quantifying the evidence provided by the two sets of studies (original vs. replication). After applying a correction for possible publication bias in the original results, they find that roughly 75% of studies gave qualitatively similar results in terms of the amount of evidence provided. However, most studies provide only weak evidence one way or another.
Link to paper: www.cidlab.com/p/etz2016bayesian.pdf

Short bio:
Alexander Etz's research includes a mix of development and application of Bayesian statistical methods, with secondary interests in the history of statistics and advocacy for the adoption of Bayesian methods in the field of psychology. He is currently working as a visiting scholar with Eric-Jan Wagenmakers at the University of Amsterdam, where his current projects include: How to quantify replication success, how to quantify statistical support for causal claims, how to account and correct for publication bias, and evaluation of how researchers interpret various levels of statistical evidence.

We are looking forward to welcoming students, LMU employees and everybody who is interested!

This talk is organized by Allgemeine Psychologie II, Psychologische Methodenlehre und Diagnostik, and the Open Science Committee (OSC)"

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