General and experimental psychology

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Past Research Projects

  • CoTeSys

    The CoTeSys cluster of excellence investigates cognition for technical systems such as vehicles, robots, and factories. Cognitive technical systems are equipped with artificial sensors and actuators, integrated and embedded into physical systems, and act in a physical world. The cluster combines the expertise of TUM, LMU, UniBW, DLR, MPI, in neuroscience, natural sciences, engineering, computer science, and the humanities. It is one of the few proposals to be accepted in an intense nation-wide competition during the past year. more

  • SFB 453

    SFB 453 Project M9: Temporal Multimodal Information Processing in the HVA Workspace

    Leiter: Proff. Sandra Hirche, Prof. Hermann J. Müller, Dr. Zhuanghua Shi more

  • Research Group 480