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Teaching Practice Project: Skills shortage

IT-Fachkraft"How can we attract enough IT professionals?"

Sector: Automotive industry

Topic: Recruiting


A large German car manufacturer wants to know how a company can attract the right IT specialists in sufficient numbers in times of growing personnel needs in the IT sector.


As part of a practical teaching project, a detailed target group analysis was first carried out. For this purpose, our students conducted interviews with IT employees of our cooperation partner from the automotive industry as well as a quantitative online study with IT professionals from the DACH region. On this basis, different IT types were identified, which differ in terms of their job requirements, their needs when choosing an employer and their media use. Based on these scientific analyses, it was not only possible to derive differentiated recommendations for action, but also to design a comprehensive toolbox for recruiting IT professionals. In order to answer the question of where the target group can be found geographically, relevant IT clusters in Germany were identified. These are self-managing networks of closely cooperating companies in association with training institutions, universities or other competence centres. The toolbox also contains relevant IT-specific events, information channels and cooperation opportunities that HR staff can use for specific recruiting activities.