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Evidence-based management

EbMThe principles of evidence-based management (EbM) play a particularly important role in our practice-based teaching. The core idea of evidence-based management is the attempt to make management decisions by using the best possible scientific evidence and to promote a scientific way of thinking in day-to-day activities, i. e. by systematically collecting data and investigating cause-and-effect relationships in companies to be able to reliably assess the impact of organizational measures.

Our aim is, on the one hand, to make it possible for scientific thinking to be carried on after completing the course and, on the other hand, to promote a transfer of findings from organizational psychology research into the world of practice.
In our lectures and seminars, both in the Master's and Bachelor's courses, we are therefore particularly committed to the topic of EbM. We particularly emphasize our practical teaching projects and in particular the seminar Evidence-based Business Psychology, in which our master students prepare scientific answers to concrete practical questions. We provide practitioners with dossiers and further information on EbM through our evidence-based management portal (German language).