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Leslie Herrenkohl and Lindsay Cornelius: Learning in the disciplines

Basic reading

  • Herrenkohl, L. R. & Cornelius, L. (2013). Investigating Elementary Students' Scientific and Historical Argumentation. Journal of the Learning Sciences, 22(3), 413-461.

Additional reading

  • Cornelius, L. Herrenkohl, L. R. & Wolfstone-Hay, J. (2013). Organizing collaborative learning experiences around subject matter domains: The importance of aligning social and intellectual structures in instruction. In C. E. Hmelo-Silver, A. M. O’Donnell, C. Chan & C. A. Chinn (Eds.), The International Handbook of Collaborative Learning (pp. 333-350). New York, NY: Taylor and Francis.
  • Herrenkohl, L.R. and Mertl, V. (2011). How students come to be, know, and do: A case for a broad view of learning. Cambridge UK, New York City: Cambridge University Press.
  • Cornelius, L. and Herrenkohl, L. R. (2004). Power in the Classroom: How the Classroom Environment Shapes Students’ Relationships with Each Other and with Concepts. Cognition and Instruction, 22, 467-498.


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