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Carolyn Rosé: Learning analytics and educational data mining in learning discourses

Basic reading

  • Rosé, C., Wang, Y., Cui, Y., Arguello, J., Stegman, K., Weinberger, A., & Fischer, F. (2008). Analyzing collaborative learning processes automatically: Exploiting the advances of computational linguistics in computer-supported collaborative learning. International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, 3(3), 237-271. [Online]

Additional reading

  • Gweon, G., Jain, M., Mc Donough, J., Raj, B., Rosé, C. P. (in press). Measuring prevalence of other-oriented transactive contributions using an automated measure of speech style accommodation. International Journal of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning.
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  • Rosé, C. P. & Tovares, A. (in press). What sociolinguistics and machine learning have to say to one another about interaction analysis. In L. Resnick, C. Asterhan & S. Clarke (Eds.), Socializing Intelligence Through Academic Talk and Dialogue. Washington, DC: American Educational Research Association.


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